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Thursday, 27 June 2013

PHILANTHROPY: P-Square supports OJB Jezreel with N5million

It started out as hot gossip for bloggers and gossip tabloids, then it dawned on well meaning celebrities, fans and well wishers. Broadcasts were sent out, sympathy and concern was and is still being shown to astute singer, song writer and producer Babatunde Okugbowa universally known as Ojb Jezreel who is suffering from Kidney failure. CrunchonTV decided to bring you authentic , undiluted info straight from the horse’s mouth.

The fund raising bid became the hottest selling point and business mine for  writers and gossip mongers. Stories grew wings; it began to fly, rumours of all sort spread like wild fire in a dry bush. By and large donations have been made to support the cause.

CrunchonTV is glad and delighted to be part of the success story as this is just the beginning of our man Ojb’s healing. 27th June,2013 is another day to remember, the crunchy family caught up with P-square and their brother Jude Engees as they paid an unexpected and quite philanthropic visit to the ailing man’s (OJB) home. Figures of all sort have been flying around ranging from N100k to N500k, N1million naira from Don Jazzy but we put it to you categorically and authoritatively that Paul, Peter and Jude Okoye are men of substance and integrity as they made a substantial donation of N5MILLION and a promise to always be by his side till the end of his trial.

Excerpt from our interview with Psquare and OJB:

Psquare: ''Although OJB hasn’t produced any song for us, he has in one way affected everybody ,the industry and Nigeria as a whole, we promise to visit every time as long as we are in the country, we are waiting for you to get back and your feet, because you will; you must produce a song for us’’.
OJB who couldn’t hide his joy, broke down in tears and glorified God as he said P square was the last name that he imagined could show up and show him such love , he felt appreciated and said I feel  27 years of my impact in the industry is not a waste.
We can do it Nigerians,this is just the beginning; P-square has set a standard lets support the cause, let’s HELP SAVE OJB. Now is not the time to point accusing fingers or dig up important facts, help is all he needs, our strength is all he needs.To help save OJB check  Here.

One voice, One love, One man, One life. #Help save OJB. God bless Nigeria!

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